A new server has been opened, an exclusive server for new players.
Unique PVP system - PVM , divided into items and maps LOW/MID/EARLY GAME...
DropItem List
Do you want to know where a special item falls?
There is a section on this website that few know and that is the Drop List! There you will find where each item falls!
Party finderParty Exp Bonus
Are you looking for a party to do quick resets?
We have a section where you can see all the games in the game and join them!
Reward SystemFREE TO PLAYFree Items
I got Weapons, Sets and Wings doing resets!
To welcome you to S16 we have put this new system ...
[New Server Speed] Register and Download the game TODAY to receive Set + Weapon + Wings + VIP + Bonus XP for FREE!
ANDROIDMU ORIGINspecial invitation
Mu for Cellular, yes for Android!
We have a MU for you to play on your Android or PC with emulator, click here !.