Armus Rebirth - Season 17 Epi1-3 (2023)

📑Version: Season 17 Epi1-3
★Gameplay: SLOW SERVER
👉This server is not based on the amount of Resets, the gameplay is composed and developed in what your character has equipped + builds. The experience when leveling up may be like that of a fast server, but it´s just that, everything else is in the best SLOW style!

⏰Server Maya Open Date: 28/11/2015, yes... 6 years ago! - (CLICK TO SHOW TIMELINE)

⏰New Server Speed Open Date: 25/01/2023

⚙Dedicated server: YES (NOT VPS)
📿Custom xshop: YES
⚔Balanced characters: YES 👌👌👌

📌Server Information👇
★Max Normal Level: 400
★Max Master Level: 900
★Exp Normal: Faster
★Exp Master: Faster
★Drop: 50%
★Bugs: 3 Only and they are visual
🗺Enable Multi-Lang Users: Yes

🎁Vip Silver for 90 Days and Pack Items For those who start!
🎁Starter Items Pack
🎁Unlock FREE Sets, Weapons and Wings with New Reset System!

👉Unlock Character:
★Dark Knight: 1 lvl
★Dark Wizzard: 1 lvl
★Elf: 1 lvl
★Summoner: 1 lvl
★Magic Gladiator: 1 lvl
★Dark Lord: 1 lvl
★Rage Fighter: 1 lvl
★Grow Lancer: 1 lvl

👉Normal / Marlon Quest:
★Dark Knight: 5/6
★Dark Wizzard: 5/6
★Elf: 5/6
★Summoner: 5/6
★Magic Gladiator: 7
★Dark Lord: 7
★Rage Fighter: 7
★Grow Lancer: 7

💎Included all items from Season 0 to Season 16 Epi2-2 without skins!
💎NEW SETS AND WEAPONS: BloodAngel, DarkAngel, HolyAngel, Awake sets working normal without exc option!!!
💎Errtels Upgrade for Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity, Radiance
💎Steel of Heaven drop monster chance 10% and Evomon 5%
💎Gens Maps: Vulcanus, Kanturu, Swamp of Calmness
💎NO-PVP: Only some Maps
💎Reduced ruud shop prieces
💎Socket item Upgrade to 400 level
💎Trade items with Harmony option
💎Seed Removal from Items 100% rate
💎Items work from 1 lvl
💎Seed Upgrade change
💎Only progressive system for the use of items, each item yields to its particular stage of the game.



Blade Master ---> Dragon Knight
Grand Master --->Soul Wizard
High Elf ---> Noble Elf
Duel Master ---> Magic Knight
Lord Emperor ---> Empire Road
Dimension Master ---> Dimension Summoner
Fist Master ---> Fist Blazer
Mirage Lancer ---> Shining Lancer
Light Wizard ---> Shine Wizard
Lemuria ---> Archmage

Deep Dungeon (1-5)
Swamp of Darkness

★CashShop: YES
★Offtrade: Enabled (Loren Market)
★Mu Helper activation min. level: 50 lvl
★Ancient+Exe Option: disabled
★Socket+Exe Option: disabled
★Socket Weapon Bonus: Only Elf disabled
★Acc+Harmony Option: Enable
★Trade item with Harmony Option: Yes
★Guild: 180 lvl
★Max alliance in guild: 2
★Max players in guild: 30

📰User Web Panel:
★Achievement system
★Roulette System
★Report Issue
★Rename Character
★Friend Recruit
★Promotion Codes
★Web Bank
★Exchange system
★Webshop: YES
And much more! 👋👋👋


👉 Required level to reset is 400.
👉 To know your normal level put / status
👉 To reset you have to write / reset and have 10 million!
👉 Resets give 350 Points per RESET.
👉 From level 0 to 400 you will not receive points to distribute since you have them (it is a server with cumulative points).
👉 There is no LIMIT OF RESETS but there is of STATS and they are 32767 per stat the maximum!
👉 The points in the Command (leadership) in the Dark Lord is 2300 (made by balance).
👉 The stats points ARE CUMULATIVE in each RESET.

🎁 Reset Reward System:

1° Award Requirement: Reset 375 to Reset 376
2° Award Requirement: Reset 377 to Reset 378
3° Award Requirement: Reset 379 to Reset 380
4° Award Requirement: Reset 381 to Reset 382
5° Award Requirement: Reset 383 to Reset 384
6° Award Requirement: Reset 385 to Reset 386
7° Award Requirement: Reset 387 to Reset 388
8° Award Requirement: Reset 389 to Reset 390
9° Award Requirement: Reset 391 to Reset 392
Note: By meeting each reset requirement, you will AUTOMATICALLY receive the prize in your gremory case (press K in game).

+10: 70 % (25% +Luck)
+11: 65 % (25% +Luck)
+12: 60 % (25% +Luck)
+13: 55 % (25% +Luck)
+14: 50 % (25% +Luck)
+15: 45 % (25% +Luck)

🗡Max lvl item: +15+28

🎉 Events:
» Acheron Guardian
» Arca Battle
» Attack Event
» Battle Soccer
» Bonus Event
» Blood Castle
» Chaos Castle
» Cherry Blossom
» Christmas Invasion
» Core Magriffy Boss
» Crywolf
» Devil Square
» Double Goer (Doppel Ganger)
» Dragon Invasion
» Egg (monster drop) Event
» lution Monster System
» Ferea Battle Event
» Halloween Event
» Golden Invasion
» God of Darkness Battle
» Illusion Temple Classic
» Illusion Temple Renewal
» Imperial Fortress (Guardian)
» Kalima (Kundun)
» Kanturu (Maya)
» Labyrinth of Dimension
» Last Man Standing
» Lord Silvester Boss
» Loren Deep Event
» Castle Siege
» Medusa Event
» Mini-Games
» Bomber (Saper)
» Jewelry Bingo
» Mu Roomy
» Nixie Battle Event
» Santa Claus Event
» Rabbit Invasion
» Nixies Event
» All Classics Invasion ON
» Boss Gnome Event
» Lord Ferea Event
» Ice Wind Castle Event
» White Wizard Invasion




/gpost - message to actual server.
/post - global post.
/addstr - to add strength points.
/addagi- add agility points.
/addvit - add vitality points.
/addene - add energy points.
/addcmd - add command points.
/ware 0-4 - switch wares.
/fixinventarioevent - Allows to clear event inventory from all items.
/war <guild name> - propose Guild War.
/endwar - stop Guild War Battle.
/re (on/off) - define to display all duel and trade request or refuse all by default.
/status - display character info.
/hidetitle - Allows to hide titles above characters.
/battlesoccer - challenge opposite guild for a battle Soccer match.
/socstop - stop Battle Soccer match.
/offtrade - Activate off-trade system.
/offlevel - Activate off-attack system.
/scramble - A command for scramble event allowing to provide an answer, usage: /scramble
/regicewind - Allows to register to Ice Wind Valley event.
/antilag - Displays command help information for antilag system.
/remaintime - shows reaming time left of Vip and Titles actives.
/dc - disconnect specified character with password.
usage: /dc player_name password

📋Marry System:
/prop - propose a marry to other player.
/accept - accept marry.
/divorce - take divorce.